Install via NuGet

ReoGrid for Windows Form

To install ReoGrid Windows Form standard edition, use the NuGet command:

PM> Install-Package unvell.ReoGrid.dll

ReoGrid for WPF

PM> Install-Package unvell.ReoGridWPF.dll

Install Visual Studio Toolbox Shortcut for Windows Forms

To add a shortcut on Visual Studio toolbox, perform the following steps:

  1. Right-click on Toolbox panel, click 'Choose Items...' 267
  2. Choose '.NET Framework Components tab'
  3. Click 'Browse...' button
  4. Choose 'unvell.ReoGrid.dll' in open file dialog 268
  5. Click OK button to close the dialog
  6. Click on the item ReoGridControl appeared at most bottom of toolbar to make it selected: 12

Select a range on form designer, when mouse released the ReoGrid spreadsheet component will be added as below:


Add Control by Programming for Windows Forms

ReoGrid provides different features set editions, and each edition has different reference requirements. Add the references according to edition used in Application.

  • Minimum Edition - Minimum feature set (no formula calculation supported)
  • Standard Release Edition - Standard features (Recommended)
  • Extension Edition - Extended features, including script language execution integration (like VBA)
DLL NameDescriptionMinimum EditionStandard Release EditionExtension Edition
unvell.ReoGrid.dllReoGrid component libraryRequiredRequiredRequired
unvell.ReoScript.dll.NET script language engineRequired
Antlr3.Runtime.dllANTLR grammar tool run-timeRequired
FastColoredTextBox.dllPowerful colored highlight text editorRequired

If not sure which edition to use, Standard Release Edition with single DLL (unvell.ReoGrid.dll) is recommended.

Add Windows Form Control in C#

  1. Import namespaces:
using unvell.ReoGrid;
  1. Create ReoGrid instance and add it into any windows form container, such as Form or Panel.
var grid = new unvell.ReoGrid.ReoGridControl()
  Dock = DockStyle.Fill,

this.Controls.Add(grid);  // add to form or panel

Learn more about workbook and worksheet.

Add Windows Form Control in VB.NET

  1. Import namespaces:
Imports unvell.ReoGrid
  1. Create ReoGrid instance and add it into any windows form container, such as Form or Panel.
Dim grid As New MyReoGridControl() With {.Dock = DockStyle.Fill}

Add Control in XAML for WPF Applications

Add ReoGrid DLL reference for target project, edit the XAML file of main window as below:

File MainWindow.xaml:

  x:Class="WPFDemo.MainWindow" Title="MainWindow" Height="640" Width="800">

    <rg:ReoGridControl x:Name="grid" ></rg:ReoGridControl>


Example: WPF Design Time


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