Create Date Picker Cell

This article shows how to create a custom date picker cell. A date picker cell that allows users to choose a date value from a drop-down calendar component. 271

Create a customize cell body

ReoGrid allows users to create any customize cell types by using the cell body interface. To create a cell body, create a class that inherits from the CellTypes.CellBody class. In this example, we are going to create a drop-down-enabled cell body, which needs that the body inherited from CellTypes.DropDownCell class.

public class DatePickerCell : DropdownCell
  // our class members

By adding this customize cell body onto the worksheet, we can see an empty drop-down cell displayed on the worksheet.

var worksheet = grid.CurrentWorksheet;
worksheet["B2"] = new DatePickerCell();

Result: 272

Next, we are going to add a standard .NET date picker control into the empty drop-down panel.

public class DatePickerCell : DropdownCell
  private DateTimePicker picker = null;

  public DatePickerCell()
    // create a Standrad .NET date picker
    picker = new DateTimePicker();

    // handle its event
    picker.ValueChanged += Picker_ValueChanged;

    **// add date picker to drop-down cell panel**
    **base.DropdownControl = picker;**

    base.MinimumDropdownWidth = 220;
    base.DropdownPanelHeight = 24;


We should handle the standard .NET date picker event to receive the value that is picked from the end-user.

private void Picker_ValueChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
  if (this.Cell != null) this.Cell.Data = picker.Value;

Also, when the cell body firstly to be set into a cell, the OnSetup method will be invoked, in there, we are going to set some styles for that cell.

public override void OnSetup(ReoGridCell cell)
  // call default OnSetup behavior
  // give cell a small indent, since space at right-side already taken by drop-down button
  cell.Style.Indent = 3;

  // Important! set the cell date format to display date correctly
  cell.DataFormat = DataFormat.CellDataFormatFlag.DateTime;

Result: 271

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