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  • Help to import ReoGrid into your product
  • Answer questions about latest version of ReoGrid
  • Do not include extra development, such as new feature requirement
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21 Responses to “Support”

  1. riaan says:


    I’ve been playing with ReoGrid and I am in awe of your code. I just want to confirm that I may use this in a commercial application and if I do, is there some way to reward you for outstanding work.

    The application I’m working on might be very rewarding and I don’t mind sharing if it succesfull, but I’d hate to license some expensive component and see my software fail due to costs.

    Kind Regards,

  2. Kalpesh Dave says:


    I find reogrid very help full, but my only question is, Is this also able to use in web application?


  3. Jason Jones says:

    I am developing a winforms spreadsheet application in Can I use ReoGrid in and how am I able to use all the functions for ReoGrid in Is it possible to do so in since it is developed for C+

    • jing says:

      Hi, It is fully available in VB.NET since it is developed by C#.NET, both languages are .NET Framework based. Most sample and demo code are written in C# but there is just syntax difference, translate the C# code into the VB.NET code it will work properly.

  4. mohammed says:

    I use the tool in draft
    But I have a problem emerged since the period of my use of the tool
    The project was stopped for compatibility with this tool

    And showed me a message

    the service already exists

    Please reply as soon as

  5. naftaly weinberger says:

    i am developing an invetory managmebt program, i want to use you product as the user entry form and link it-sync it with a database table. is this possible

  6. jlo says:

    Hi. Can you give me a c# code for selection event. Thanks

  7. DongDL says:

    how to reference formula from other sheet?

  8. Amr says:

    i downloaded unvell.ReoGridWPF.dll version 2.0.1
    My target project framework is version 4.5.2
    I followed all instructions to include the control into the toolbox, but when browsing for the dll then click ok, it invokes error that no controls for wpf inside the DLL. I tried it twice in different project, but the same issue.
    Can you please help me for resolving this issue. Is it comparability issue with dotnet 4.5.3?

    • Jing says:

      Please make sure you have downloaded and use the correct package, ReoGrid control for WPF.

  9. Piseth says:

    I want to know whether reoGridControl support with Khmer Unicode

  10. Yusuf Bohra says:

    when i enter data into the cell it takes almost 3 minutes for changes to reflect and gets worse as i enter more data into it. please guide me on this.

  11. Andreas says:

    If I add a chart to a MemoryWorkbook, will that chart still be available if I open a saved xlsx-file from that workbook in Excel?