ReoGrid is a powerful .NET library that enables developers to integrate spreadsheet functionalities into their applications with ease. Originating from the need for a robust, customizable spreadsheet component in .NET environments, ReoGrid stands out for its comprehensive features that cater to a wide array of application requirements.

Microsoft Excel

At its core, ReoGrid is designed to replicate the intuitive and versatile nature of conventional spreadsheet software, providing a familiar interface for users while offering developers the flexibility to tailor the experience to specific application needs. Its capabilities range from basic cell operations, like data entry and formatting, to more advanced features such as formula calculation, data binding, and custom extensions, making it a versatile tool for any .NET developer.

Flexible cell styles
Set text fonts and cell background colors.
Advanced cell data formatting
Automatically format cell data into a variety of display formats.
Formula Calculation and Custom Functions
Calculate formulas similar to Excel and support user-customized functions.
Cell Types and Customizable Cell
Enhance spreadsheet functionality with rich cell types and customizable cell interfaces.
Multiple-Row HeaderNEW
Supports multiple rows in column headers to provide an optimal user interface.
Flexible Freeze
Set freeze panes in any corner, beyond just top-left and bottom-right.
Conditional Cell FormattingNEW
Use expressions to conditionally format cells based on content.
Conditional data filterNEW
Filter data by columns using customizable conditional rules.
Powerful paging and print feature
Powerful paging and printing features, enabling efficient management for pagination and high-quality printing.
Floating drawing objects and images
Support for floating drawing objects and images.
Built-in charts can be easly added onto worksheet.
Excel Format Support
Import or export worksheets in Excel format (.xlsx).
CSV Format Support
Import or export entire or partial worksheets in CSV format.
Flexible Settings and Customization Features
Customize ReoGrid's appearance to suit your application.

High Performance for Large Data

Fast and lightweight is always ReoGrid development goals, even now has many features supported, there is various technologies to optimize the performance and enhance the user experience.