1. Make template spreadsheet by ReoGridEditor
  2. Create custom drop-down cell
  3. Create date picker cell
  4. Get all images from Excel file


9 Responses to “Documentation”

  1. ENRICO LA MALFA says:

    I wrote a vbnet Windows form application with a mdi form and mdi child forms.
    I signal that Reogrid control don’t works properly when he is in mdi child window (i.e. no copy and paste is possible, the control lost the focus when, for example, i access via keyboard at the panel of a dropdown cell, ecc)
    Can you help me to resolve this problem ?

  2. John Weiss says:


    do any of your products work on Mac Excel?


  3. Hieu Tran says:

    Possible to hide the row Header (1,2,3,…) and the column header (A, B, C,…)?

    • Jing says:

      Yes you can use the code like this:

      sheet.Columns["A"].Visible = false;

      • Hieu Tran says:

        I have one more question. Possible to know the worksheet is scrolled to end? Have any event or calculation formula to know it?
        I tried the following formula in WorksheetScrolled event but it is not effective: this.ReoGridVerticalScrollBar.Value.Equals(this.ReoGridVerticalScrollBar.Maximum)

  4. hotfics says:

    Does the reogrid support the dataBind when the datasource is datatable ?