Built-in sheet tab control

From version 0.8.8 the multiple worksheet is available, to switch between multiple worksheet, a built-in sheet tab control is contained in both Windows Form and WPF ReoGrid control.

Built-in sheet tab control

By default, the sheet tab control displayed below worksheet.

Windows Form




Scroll sheet tab control

It is possible to scroll the tab control by holding press on the arrow buttons at left side of control.


Hide sheet tab control

To hide sheet tab control, set WorkbookSettings.View_ShowSheetTabControl to false:


grid.SetSettings(unvell.ReoGrid.WorkbookSettings.View_ShowSheetTabControl, false);


grid.SetSettings(unvell.ReoGrid.WorkbookSettings.View_ShowSheetTabControl, False)

After hide:


Set width of tab control

Use property SheetTabControlWidth of control to change the width of sheet tab control:

grid.SheetTabControlWidth = 200;

Tip: It is possible to read this property, save and load it to restore the user interface after next application boot.

Change background color and text color for sheet tab

To change the background color and text color, use property NameBackColor and NameTextColor of worksheet:

grid.Worksheets[1].NameBackColor = Color.LightCoral;



Hide new worksheet button

To hide new sheet button, set the SheetTabNewButtonVisible property to false:

grid.SheetTabNewButtonVisible = false;



Sheet tab context strip menu

Right click on the sheet tab will pop up a context strip menu:


To set context strip menu:

grid.SheetTabContextMenuStrip = myContextStripMenu;

To prevent built-in pop up menu, set the property to an empty menu strip:

grid.SheetTabContextMenuStrip = new ContextMenuStrip();

Change the context strip menu languages

By changing the value of properties from class LanguageResource to change the text on context menu:

LanguageResource.Menu_InsertSheet = "Insert";

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