Change log

Thanks to all contributors who make ReoGrid better!

v2.2.0 – Feb. 27, 2020

  • Support to save images in RGF format
  • Support cell text rotation
  • Preserve indents and leading/trailing spaces in OpenXML import/export (Contributor: @lelimacon)
  • Supported to use different number digits separator by culture and language of Windows environment
  • Support to undo/redo fill serial action
  • Enhancement/Addition of Body property to RowHeader (Contributor: @dibargatin)
  • Enhancement of page break API
  • Fixed #73: Rotation text display inside cell
  • Fixed #108: OR function works incorrectly
  • Fixed #137: workbook.Readonly property always true
  • Fixed #170: stop trying to convert date-time value to currency type
  • Fixed #174: COUNTIF formula is not working
  • Fixed #176: Exception happened when try to edit an invalid cell
  • Fixed #183: StringifyRange method doesn’t work
  • Fixed #151: Selection background of WPF edition
  • Fixed #203: Pattern of date format not working
  • Fixed #249: RowInserted event not fired
  • Fixed #282: ActionPerformed were triggered twice
  • Fixed bug to save negative numbers to excel with a negative sign (Contributor: @zxscn)
  • Fixed bug that ReoGrid crashes when loading a file that is saved from Google spreadsheet
  • Fixed bug that Editor will crash on some culture environment
  • Fixed WPF scroll behavior (Contributor: @Dunkhan)

v2.1.0 [Download] – Oct 21, 2017

  • #6 Fix bug to avoid ArgumentException when scrolling (by @floele-sp)
  • #13 Fix date parsing problem (by @genI3)
  • #16 Improved Left, Right and Enter key behavior for WinForms and WPF (by @Xcone)
  • #30 Fix bug that SelectionMovedBackward event not be fired
  • #31 Refactored autofill serial to remove duplication and prevent to auto-fill readonly cells (by @Xcone)
  • #33 Disable pasting to read-only cells
  • #36 Use dummy window instance instead of MainWindow in order to avoid the problem that system DPI cannot be retrieved on WPF
  • #42 Fix bug that exception caused in GetDefaultDataSerialFillColor method (by @ScorpioQian)
  • #58 Fix the problem where tabbed string from clipboard cannot be set on specified cell position
  • #63 AutoFillSerial now work for [text-number] pattern (by @Xcone)

v2.0.0 [Download] – Nov 13, 2016

v1.3.0 – May 26, 2016

  • Added Doughnut Chart
  • Added multiple language support (Japanese, Russian and Chinese for Component and Editor)
  • Added Japanese Demo project
  • Added Tag property for row and column headers (#311)
  • Added red minus negative number style (e.g. -123,456.789)
  • Added Edit_AutoAdjustColumnWidth setting for worksheet (#253, #310)
  • Improved Tab and Enter key behavior
  • Renamed ReoGridRowHeader to RowHeader
  • Renamed ReoGridColumnHeader to ColumnHeader
  • Renamed ReoGridCell to Cell
  • Renamed ReoGridCellCollection to CellCollection
  • Fixed bug where error happens when formulas contain non-English decimal separator (#281)
  • Fixed bug where Cell property of CellEditTextChanging may be null (#291)
  • Fixed crash problem when loading from a RGF file that contains removed rows (#277, #284)
  • Fixed bug where worksheet cannot be scrolled when loading from Excel which has frozen rows or columns
  • Fixed crash problem when remove rows or columns from worksheet which contains frozen rows or columns
  • Fixed bug where component crashes when worksheet has more than 128 columns
  • Fixed WPF edition bug that font style bold cannot be disabled once enable (#312)
  • Fixed bug where exception happens in AppendRows function (#316)
  • Fixed problem that exported Excel file has different column width (#317#322)
  • Fixed problem that exported Excel file has different default row height
  • Fixed problem where some borders lost in exported Excel (#317)
  • Fixed bug where empty cells exported into Excel override adjacent cells
  • Other minor bug fixes

v1.2.3 – Apr. 1, 2016

  • Improvement in loading drawing objects from Excel
  • Fixed bug where worksheet from Excel displayed in wrong position when hiding row and column headers
  • Fixed bug where component crashes when loading from Excel that contains line chart (#271)
  • Other minor bug fixes

v1.2.2 – Mar. 23, 2016

  • Added worksheet settings View_ShowFrozenLine to show or hide frozen line, default is show (#263)
  • Changed SetRangeStyles method allow to set merged cell by specifying single cell address
  • Fixed bug where sometimes PageDown and PageUp cause exception (#259)
  • Fixed bug where the negative number format cannot be loaded from Excel correctly
  • Fixed error when saving Excel after change last row or column size (#268)
  • Other minor bug fixes

v1.2.1 – Mar. 15, 2016

  • Added component property ShowScrollEndSpacing for remove scroll end padding (#254)
  • Fixed rotated text clipping problem (#252)
  • Fixed bug where sometimes CellEditTextChanging event not fired (#246)
  • Fixed bug where font size information lost when loading from Excel in non-English environment
  • Fixed bug where removing outline columns causes column header displayed on incorrect location (#249)
  • Fixed crash where freeze column grouped worksheet (#250)
  • Fixed crash where print with grid lines (#248)
  • Fixed Editor crash when set cell type for empty cells
  • Other minor bug fixes

v1.2.0 – Feb. 27, 2016

  • New cells memory management algorithm for performance improvement
  • New support for array data setting into worksheet
  • Improved cell text rotation feature
  • Improved WPF edition demo
  • Added ShowLegend property to show/hide legend for chart
  • Added cell types for WPF edition (#234)
  • Added print settings ShowGridLines for print grid lines
  • Added worksheet Dispose method conditions check (#243)
  • Fixed bug where built-in radio button cell doesn’t raise CellDataChanged event
  • Fixed freeze settings saving and loading from Excel file and RGF file
  • Fixed horizontal scroll-bar not expended when sheet tab invisible in WPF edition (#225)
  • Fixed sheet tab not expended to full width when horizontal scroll-bar invisible
  • Fixed bug where printing worksheet which contains floating images may throws exception
  • Fixed bug where new sheet button cannot be hidden in WPF edition (#234)
  • Fixed bug where cell data cannot be stored and read correctly when worksheet contains more than 131,072 rows (#238)
  • Fixed bug where getting blank result if print worksheet from preview dialog (#241)
  • Fixed bug where cell text cannot be printed out entirely (#239)
  • Fixed paging break index adjusting problem
  • Fixed print page right and bottom margin problem
  • Fixed bug where cell data of DateTime and decimal type cannot be exported into Excel (#237)
  • Fixed some currency format cannot be exported into Excel
  • Fixed bug where zero not displayed as specified currency format when exported to Excel
  • Fixed crash problem when restoring row header text to default color (#242)

v1.1.0 – Feb. 17, 2016

  • Changed row header IsHidden property to IsVisible
  • Changed column header IsHidden property to IsVisible
  • Renamed row header RowInserted to RowsInserted
  • Renamed row header RowDeleted to RowsDeleted
  • Renamed column header ColumnInserted to ColumnsInserted
  • Renamed column header ColumnDeleted to ColumnsDeleted
  • Added row header HeightChanged event (#214)
  • Added column header WidthChanged event (#214)
  • Added worksheet RowsHeightChanged and ColumnsWidthChanged event (#214)
  • Added worksheet RowsFiltered and RowsSorted event
  • Renamed ReoGridPos to CellPosition
  • Renamed ReoGridRange to RangePosition
  • Added Border property for cell instance
  • Added (Shift+)PageDown/PageUp hotkey
  • Added Editor cell/range read-only setting dialog
  • Changed behavior that read-only cells cannot be moved, copied or overwritten by dragging mouse
  • Added behavior of built-in cell types will check cells read-only property
  • Added saving and loading Excel file freeze settings
  • Fixed bug where number and currency data format cannot export as Excel correctly on some languages windows
  • Fixed bug where cells not copied repeatedly (#232)
  • Fixed bug where exception happens during copying frozen worksheet (#222)
  • Fixed bug where cross worksheet reference doesn’t work if cell positions are same (#233)
  • Fixed bug where extra white padding when scroll-bars invisible in WPF edition (#225)
  • Fixed bug where exception happens when loading generated Excel file in some cases (#225)
  • Fixed bug where text in merged cell may disappear (#223)

v1.0.0.0 – Jan. 12, 2016

  • Renamed SheetTabControlNewButtonVisible to SheetTabNewButtonVisible
  • Renamed SheetTabControlWidth to SheetTabWidth
  • Improve formula circular reference check (excluded from some function calls)
  • Added Area Chart
  • Added custom negative number style prefix and postfix symbol
  • Added Russian language function names
  • Added FLOOR function second argument (signification)
  • Added formula percent operator support, e.g. =100*20% = 20
  • Added VLOOKUP function
  • Added reading print setting from Excel file
  • Added NegativeProgressCell to display progress bar for positive and negative value
  • Added ImageButtonCell that display an image inside button cell
  • Fixed bug where exception happens when saving from memory workbook
  • Fixed bug that cells with formula will not updated for duplicated worksheet
  • Fixed bug that text with big font set overlap other text in neighbor cells
  • Fixed bug that setting text with big font doesn’t change row height automatically
  • Fixed bug where row height not changed automatically after copying cells
  • Fixed bug that sometimes MIN and MAX function return zero
  • Fixed bug where scroll bars cannot be hidden
  • Fixed bug where cell body OnSetup method invoked two times (#207)
  • Fixed bug where DropdownCell will force to close when user control is embedded (#208)
  • Removed extra padding at right and bottom side of Windows Form control (#152)
  • Fixed other minor bugs


  • Data source interface
  • Scroll-bar information object (#266)
  • Multiple rows copy and paste problem (#236)
  • Interface of top left corner square (#211)
  • Scientific notation number formats (#308)
  • Fixed bug of saving RGF error when number format doesn’t have argument specified (#334)

Check change log for old versions.

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  1. Thanga Prakash says:


    I love your control. It is simply awesome.

    Can you implement filter on the grid ? Like we use filter in normal excel.

    Thanks in advance.