Excel file format (xlsx)

Multiple Format Support

ReoGrid supports loading and saving Excel xlsx file format, import and export CSV file, output spreadsheet to printer or preview on screen, generate worksheet as HTML or PDF (0.8.9).


Workbook Input & Output API

ReoGrid control itself is workbook, both screen workbook control and memory workbook has same APIs.

var workbook = reoGridControl;

To load Excel workbook:

workbook.Load(path, IO.FileFormat.Excel2007);

ReoGrid will create and load all worksheets from the Excel file automatically. To save Excel file:

workbook.Save(path, IO.FileFormat.Excel2007);

Supported features

Planned to be available

Not supported yet

Currently some features from Excel that are not supported by ReoGrid:

  • Conditional Triggers & Style theme
  • Pivot Table & Database connection
  • Some formula functions & VBA

Available function list

See Excel-Compatible Function List.

Memory Workbook

ReoGrid provides on-screen component that has the ability to show and edit spreadsheet, as well as invisible component that works in memory to handle spreadsheet data, such as importing and exporting Excel files. By using the memory workbook, ReoGrid can also work for other types of application like web application.

Typical usage of memory workbook

Create memory workbook instance, then load or save spreadsheet as Excel format.

// create memory workbook
var workbook = ReoGridControl.CreateMemoryWorkbook();

// load Excel workbook from stream
workbook.Load(stream, FileFormat.Excel2007);
// save stream as Excel workbook
workbook.Save(stream, FileFormat.Excel2007);

Learn more about workbook.

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