Multiple worksheet overview

From version, multiple worksheet was available. Default control appearance:


To access worksheet, use CurrentWorksheet instance:

var sheet1 = reoGridControl.CurrentWorksheet;

Component object structure


Worksheet Management

Current worksheet instance

The screen control workbook keeps an instance of activated worksheet, which is displayed for user as current worksheet. To get or set current worksheet, use CurrentWorksheet property of workbook.

var sheet = grid.CurrentWorksheet;

Create worksheet

// create worksheet
var sheet = grid.CreateWorksheet();

// create worksheet with a specified name
var sheet = grid.CreateWorksheet('mysheet');

If no name was specified, or the specified name is empty or null, ReoGrid will find an available name such as ‘Sheet1’, ‘Sheet2’ … automatically.

Add/Insert worksheet

// call method
grid.InsertWorksheet(1, sheet);

// use collection of worksheet
grid.Worksheets.Insert(1, sheet);

Notice that it is not allowed to have same name from different two worksheets in a workbook.

Copy worksheet

var sheet2 = grid.CopyWorksheet(0, 1); // sheet name could also be set here

Move worksheet

grid.MoveWorksheet(0, 3);


Some events are available to monitor the changes of worksheet management.

  • WorksheetCreated
  • WorksheetInserted
  • WorksheetRemoved
  • BeforeWorksheetNameChange
  • WorksheetNameChanged

Reset workbook

To reset a workbook to initial status, use Reset method:


Built-in sheet tab control

Both windows form and WPF edition provide the built-in sheet tab control:

For details see Working with built-in sheet tab control.

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