1. How to use ReoGrid in VB.NET?
    See answer.
  2. What formats of Excel file are supported?
    ReoGrid supports Excel 2007 (and later) format, as well as other OpenXML-based spreadsheet format, such as OpenXML SDK-generated spreadsheet file and some open-source/free office applications-generated spreadsheet file. Excel 97-2003 format is not supported, and there is no plan to make it available in future versions.
  3. How to fix PInvoke exception?
    See answer.
  4. How to fill worksheet with a DataTable?
    See answer.
  5. How to make entire worksheet read-only?
    By setting the worksheet settings worksheet.SetSettings(WorksheetSettings.Edit_Readonly, true); to make entire worksheet read-only.
  6. How to know how many rows and columns of the data on given worksheet?
    To get number of rows and number of columns of the data on worksheet, use property MaxContentRow and MaxContentCol of worksheet.
  7. How to disable selection?
    Setting the SelectionMode property of worksheet instance to None will disable selection on worksheet.
  8. How to clear the selection?
    Setting the SelectionMode to None will make focus selection range disappear, select it back to Range will restore it, but notice that selection range will only be restore at first cell.
  9. How to iterate over all cells in range or worksheet?
    To iterate over range or worksheet, use method IterateCells of worksheet and pass a range position argument. Notice that this method skips empty cells on worksheet. If don’t want to skip empty cells, use for-each on Cells property of ReferenceRange instance. To get an instance of ReferenceRange, use code like worksheet.Ranges["B1:D5"]. Notice that Cells property will create cell instance if the cell is empty, this will cause many memory use if the range is large.
  10. How to find text over multiple cells?
    Use the IterateCells method to iterate over cells on worksheet or range, check the Data property of cell instance to find text.
  11. How to delete the specified cell’s content at one time, such as styles and borders?
    To remove cells content, use the method ClearRangeContent method. This method deletes the content that is specified by secondary argument CellElementFlag. To remove only styles, use RemoveRangeStyles method; To remove only borders, use RemoveRangeBorders method.
  12. Can I use ReoGrid in WPF?
    Yes, from the version 0.8.7 ReoGrid can run in both Windows Form and WPF platforms, for the details please check here.
  13. ReoGrid supports multiple worksheet, but I want to make it only one worksheet available, can I do that?
    Yes, by hiding the built-in sheet tab control to prevent that end user adds or removes worksheets. See built-in sheet tab control.
  14. Can I open Excel file, modify it, and save it back without creating a visible control on form?
    Yes, ReoGrid memory workbook provides almost all features to operate Excel file or RGF file without a visible control on form. Use ReoGridControl.CreateMemoryWorkbook to create the instance of memory workbook.
  15. How to read all images from Excel file?
    Handling images from Excel file is available in ReoGrid Pro-edition. See Read all images from Excel file.
  16. Can I print all worksheet at a time?
    Yes, print single worksheet available in free-edition, print all or specified worksheets available in ReoGrid Pro, see Paging and Print.


  1. What is the release license of ReoGrid?
    ReoGrid is open source software released under MIT License.
  2. Can I use ReoGrid in proprietary software or commercial software?
    Yes, you can.