What’s new in 0.8.7

WPF Support

ReoGrid 0.8.7 start to support the WPF platform, to implement this, the UI rendering and spreadsheet content management has been separated into two modules in 0.8.7. ReoGrid uses an abstract rendering interface to implement that render to both Windows Form and WPF platform.


The controls on two platforms use the same spreadsheet content management code library, provide same APIs and class library. One spreadsheet template (ReoGrid Format XML) file or Excel file (available from 0.8.8) could be displayed on two platforms.


APIs of Control and Worksheet have been separated

Almost all the API methods in ReoGrid 0.8.6 have been moved to worksheet object, a new object from 0.8.7. It’s necessary to get an instance of worksheet before access it. Worksheet object is accessible from both Windows Form and WPF edition.


Since the APIs have been moved into the worksheet object, all calls to ReoGrid control 0.8.6 should be changed to call worksheet instance, for example:

C#: 0.8.6

// merge and set cell text
grid.MergeRange(new ReoGridRange("A1:D3"));
grid["A1"] = "hello world";
grid.Cells["A1"].Style.BackColor = Color.LightYellow;

C#: 0.8.7

// get current worksheet
var sheet = grid.CurrentWorksheet;

// merge and set cell text
sheet["A1"] = "hello world";
sheet.Cells["A1"].Style.BackColor = Color.LightYellow;

VB.NET: 0.8.6

grid.MergeRange(New ReoGridRange("A1:D3"))
grid("A1") = "hello world"
grid.Cells("A1").Style.BackColor = Color.LightYellow

VB.NET: 0.8.7

'get current worksheet
Dim sheet = grid.CurrentWorksheet

sheet("A1") = "hello world"
sheet.Cells("A1").Style.BackColor = Color.LightYellow

Notice that var sheet = grid.CurrentWorksheet sentence is the key of upgrading to 0.8.7. Sometimes to decrease the modify work, change the control name to gridControl and declare a new variable as the old name grid will greatly help to save time.

var gridControl = new ReoGridControl() { ... };
var grid = gridControl.CurrentWorksheet;

Column filter and sort

Now column filter and sort (optional GUI) is available from 0.8.7.


Performance improvement on cells updating

For getting better performance during column filter and sort, we tried to improve the cells updating process, a new delay updating mechanism has been added into 0.8.7 , it gives 50% up on performance improvement compare to the old version 0.8.6 during cells updating.


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