Fill data serial

By dragging selection to fill a data serial automatically:

Before: 297

After: 298


Formula Reuse

If the original ranges contain formula, the formula will be reused, and all relative cell references in the formula will be updated automatically. For example:

Cell C2 contains formula =B2*2, after fill the serial, all new cells have formulas =B3*2, =B4*2, =B5*2 etc.


After: 301


Prevent formula reuse

To prevent cell or range reference update during formula reuse, use absolute cell or range references. like =$B$2 or =B$2, for example:



Fill direction

It is possible to fill in both horizontal and vertical direction.

Horizontal fill: 306

Vertical fill: 307

Multiple cells fill

A range contains multiple rows or columns, every row and column will be filled by each rules.

Before: 304

After: 305


Fill serial by programming

use AutoFillSerial method of worksheet to fill a specified range. To fill data serial, a referenced template range must be specified. For example:

sheet.AutoFillSerial("B2:D3", "B4:D8")

The above code fill serial B4:D8 by follow rules from B2:D3.

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