ReoGridEditor is a open source project that provides a Microsoft Excel-like user interface to create or edit spreadsheet. ReoGridEditor uses ReoGrid spreadsheet component extension edition.


Following is the appearance of ReoGridEditor main window. 383

Get Binary and Source Code

Binary Executable

Download the release package, extract the archive folder named 'ReoGrid-version-Demo-Binary'. 384

Double click to execute the file 'unvell.ReoGridEditor.exe', the main window of ReoGridEditor will display.

Source Code

Download the release package, extract the archive file named ''.


To build ReoGridEditor, perform the following steps:

  1. Open solution file 'Editor2013.sln' by using Visual Studio 2012/2013/2015 and higher.
  2. Remove the reference items marked as warning from reference list. 386
  3. Extract the folder 'ReoGrid-version-Demo-Binary' from downloaded release package.
  4. Add following DLLs as project reference.
    • unvell.ReoGrid.dll
    • unvell.ReoScript.dll
    • unvell.ReoScript.EditorLib.dll
  5. Build project.

Edit Spreadsheet

Open and save spreadsheet

Open and save files by using menu 'Open' and 'Save'. 387

Supported File Format

ReoGridEditor uses ReoGrid to open and save files. The following format are supported:

Excel 2007 (Open Office XML)YesYes
RGF (ReoGrid Format)YesYesYesYes

Table Definitions:

  • Load Read entire workbook and all worksheets from a file
  • Save Write entire workbook and all worksheets into a file
  • Import Read specified worksheet into current workbook
  • Export Write specified worksheet from current workbook

Managing Named Ranges

ReoGrid Editor also provides a Named Range Management window, facilitating the review and modification of existing named ranges:

Accessing the Named Range Window: To open the Named Range Management window, navigate through the ReoGrid Editor menu by selecting 'Formula' and then 'Named Range'. This action brings up a window listing all defined named ranges in the current worksheet.

Editing and Deletion: Within the Named Range Management window, users have the option to edit the cell range associated with a named range or delete named ranges that are no longer needed. This central management tool ensures that named ranges remain relevant and accurately reflect the worksheet data.

Named ranges are a powerful feature in ReoGrid Editor, allowing for more readable formulas and easier data referencing. By utilizing the Address Bar for named range definition and the Named Range Management window for ongoing maintenance, users can significantly enhance their data organization and formula creation workflows.

Oepn Source .NET UI Controls

ReoGridEditor provides many user controls under open source license, such as Font Box, Color Picker, Border Editor, Rotation Angle Editor etc. These UI controls can be used in other application for free.

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