ReoGrid provides settings for workbook WorkbookSettings and settings for every worksheet WorksheetSettings. By using settings, it is possible to change many default behavior for workbook and worksheet.

Workbook Settings

Settings of workbook can be changed by invoke SetSettings, EnableSettings, DisableSettings method of workbook instance:

// Set settings
reoGridControl.SetSettings(WorkbookSettings settings, bool enabled);
reoGridControl.EnableSettings(WorkbookSettings settings);
reoGridControl.DisableSetting(WorkbookSettings settings);

// Get settings
bool value = reoGridControl.HasSetting(WorkbookSettings settings);


View_ShowSheetTabControlAllow to show sheet tab control
View_ShowScrollsShowAllow to show all scroll bars
View_ShowHorScrollShowAllow to show horizontal scroll bar
View_ShowVerScrollShowAllow to show vertical scroll bar

Script Extension (only available in Extension Package)

Script_AutoRunOnloadDetermine whether or not to run script instantly after workbook or worksheet is loaded from resource
Script_PromptBeforeAutoRunPrompt message to end-user before run script from workbook if it is loaded from resource

Worksheet Settings

Settings of worksheet can be changed by invoke SetSettings, EnableSettings, DisableSettings method of worksheet instance:

var worksheet = reoGridControl.CurrentWorksheet;

// Set settings worksheet.SetSettings(WorkbookSettings settings, bool enabled); worksheet.EnableSettings(WorkbookSettings settings); worksheet.DisableSetting(WorkbookSettings settings);

// Get settings bool value = reoGridControl.HasSetting(WorkbookSettings settings);

Settings of worksheet have the following items:


Behavior_DoubleClickToFitRowHeightAllow double click to fit row height
Behavior_DoubleClickToFitColumnWidthAllow double click to fit column width
Behavior_MouseWheelToScrollAllow scroll worksheet by wheeling mouse
Behavior_MouseWheelToZoomAllow zoom worksheet by wheeling mouse
Behavior_ShortcutKeyToZoomAllow zoom worksheet by shortcut-keys (Ctrl + plus/minus)
Behavior_DragToMoveCellsAllow move or copy selected range by dragging mouse
Behavior_DragToMoveColumnHeaderAllow user to move entire column by dragging mouse (Reserved)
Behavior_ScrollToFocusCellAllow always by scrolling worksheet to keep focused cell visibile
Behavior_AllowUserChangingPageBreaksAllow user to insert, remove or adjust the page-breaks by mouse


Edit_ReadonlyIndicates that worksheet works in read-only mode. Any changes will not be allowed
Edit_AutoFormatCellAllow format data after text edited or inputed by end-user
Edit_FriendlyPercentInputAllow to display a percent symbol when user inputting data inside percent-format cell
Edit_AutoAdjustRowHeightAllow adjusting the height of row when user enlarges font of cell
Edit_AllowAdjustRowHeightAllows user to adjust height of row by dragging mouse
Edit_AllowAdjustColumnWidthAllows user to adjust the width of column by dragging mouse
Edit_DragSelectionToMoveCellsAllows user drags and drops the selection to move cell content
Edit_DragSelectionToFillSerialAllows user to fill ranges by dragging mouse


View_ShowColumnHeaderShow column headers
View_ShowRowHeaderShow row headers
View_ShowHorizontalRulerShow ruler in horizontal direction (Reserved)
View_ShowVerticalRulerShow ruler in vertical direction (Reserved)
View_ShowGuideLineShow guide lines
View_ShowHiddenCellLineAllow to show a single line on hidden rows header
View_AllowShowRowOutlinesAllow to show row outlines if outlines exiting
View_AllowShowColumnOutlinesAllow to show column outlines if outlines exiting
View_ShowPageBreaksAllow to show page-break lines
View_AllowCellTextOverflowMake cell's text only displayed inside cell, don't overlay over neighbor cells
View_ShowPrintAreasEnableShowing boundary lines of printing areas

Formula Calculation

Formula_AutoUpdateReferenceCellAllow to update formula reference cells automatically
Formula_AutoPickingAddressAllow to select and pick an address from worksheet during formula edit
Formula_AutoFormatAllow to correct, format and rebuild formula automatically

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