Fast and lightweight is always ReoGrid development goals, even now has many features supported, there is various technologies to optimize the performance and enhance the user experience.

Everything is fast

Expend worksheet from 100 rows to 100,000 rows just need 8 ms (0.008 seconds).

Update 100,000 cells data just need one second, that means to update one cell only need 0.01 ms, it is very fast. update_performance

Why ReoGrid is fast

The following technologies are used to improve and enhance performance.

Optimized Memory Management

ReoGrid uses optimized memory management technology to improve cells memory usage. This technology splits a larger spreadsheet into many smaller sheets as a tree structure in memory, memory allocation and release are performed on these small paged sheets to getting a good balance between time and size of memory use. 47

Optimized Border Algorithm

Commonly a spreadsheet may contain a lot of cell borders that are necessary to be managed in memory and displayed on the screen. To make maximum render performance ReoGrid only draw the borders in the visible region, there is an algorithm that can make a mapping between the visible region and borders, by using this algorithm, it is possible to find where to start drawing the borders very quickly. 39 (2)

Optimized Viewport Algorithm

ReoGrid uses an algorithm to manage and render the visible regions to implement the freeze, outline and print feature. Every viewport works independently and can be scaled or scrolled independently. By using the algorithm it's able to get the maximum performance to calculate the rendering region, optimize the text rendering and graphics drawing. 54

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