Worksheet Settings

Settings of worksheet can be changed by invoke SetSettings, EnableSettings, DisableSettings method of worksheet instance:

var worksheet = reoGridControl.CurrentWorksheet;

// Set settings
worksheet.SetSettings(WorkbookSettings settings, bool enabled); 
worksheet.EnableSettings(WorkbookSettings settings);
worksheet.DisableSetting(WorkbookSettings settings);

// Get settings
bool value = reoGridControl.HasSetting(WorkbookSettings settings);

Settings of worksheet have the following items:


Behavior_DoubleClickToFitRowHeightAllow double click to fit row height
Behavior_DoubleClickToFitColumnWidthAllow double click to fit column width
Behavior_MouseWheelToScrollAllow scroll worksheet by wheeling mouse
Behavior_MouseWheelToZoomAllow zoom worksheet by wheeling mouse
Behavior_ShortcutKeyToZoomAllow zoom worksheet by shortcut-keys (Ctrl + plus/minus)
Behavior_DragToMoveCellsAllow move or copy selected range by dragging mouse
Behavior_DragToMoveColumnHeaderAllow user to move entire column by dragging mouse (Reserved)
Behavior_ScrollToFocusCellAllow always by scrolling worksheet to keep focused cell visibile
Behavior_AllowUserChangingPageBreaksAllow user to insert, remove or adjust the page-breaks by mouse


Edit_ReadonlyIndicates that worksheet works in read-only mode. Any changes will not be allowed
Edit_AutoFormatCellAllow format data after text edited or inputed by end-user
Edit_FriendlyPercentInputAllow to display a percent symbol when user inputting data inside percent-format cell
Edit_AutoAdjustRowHeightAllow adjusting the height of row when user enlarges font of cell
Edit_AllowAdjustRowHeightAllows user to adjust height of row by dragging mouse
Edit_AllowAdjustColumnWidthAllows user to adjust the width of column by dragging mouse
Edit_DragSelectionToMoveCellsAllows user drags and drops the selection to move cell content
Edit_DragSelectionToFillSerialAllows user to fill ranges by dragging mouse


View_ShowColumnHeaderShow column headers
View_ShowRowHeaderShow row headers
View_ShowHorizontalRulerShow ruler in horizontal direction (Reserved)
View_ShowVerticalRulerShow ruler in vertical direction (Reserved)
View_ShowGuideLineShow guide lines
View_ShowHiddenCellLineAllow to show a single line on hidden rows header
View_AllowShowRowOutlinesAllow to show row outlines if outlines exiting
View_AllowShowColumnOutlinesAllow to show column outlines if outlines exiting
View_ShowPageBreaksAllow to show page-break lines
View_AllowCellTextOverflowMake cell's text only displayed inside cell, don't overlay over neighbor cells
View_ShowPrintAreasEnableShowing boundary of printing areas

Formula Calculation

Formula_AutoUpdateReferenceCellAllow to update formula reference cells automatically
Formula_AutoPickingAddressAllow to select and pick an address from worksheet during formula edit
Formula_AutoFormatAllow to correct, format and rebuild formula automatically

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