Edition and Feature List

Feature Overview

The features supported by each edition of the newly developed Version 4 are as follows:

FeatureCommunity EditionProfessional EditionEnterprise Edition
Multiple WorksheetYesYesYes
Cell StyleData FormatYesYesYes
Cell TypesBuilt-in Cell TypesCustom Cell TypesYesYesYes
RangeRange MergeYesYesYes
FormulaBuilt-in Formula FunctionsCustom Formula FunctionYesYesYes
Excel FormatYesYesYes
Specifying the Position of the Outline Total Row (Top or Bottom)YesYes
Setting the Cell Style for the Outline Total RowYesYes
New Formatting Features Compatible with ExcelYesYes
Alternating Row ColorsYesYes
AutoFill Cell ValuesYesYes
DropDown Cell (including WPF)YesYes
ComboBox CellYesYes
Auto-Complete for ComboBox Cell Data EntryYesYes
Advanced Excel Export for Dropdown CellsYesYes
Multiple Cell Selection FeatureYesYes
Conditional Cell StylingYesYes
Locking Cells/WorksheetsYesYes
Rich Format TextYesYes
Search and Highlight Cell ValuesYesYes
Input Validation FunctionalityYes
Multiple Row Headers NEWYes
Data Filtering with Formula CalculationsYes
Unit Operations for Numeric InputsYes
Floating-Point Calculation Error CorrectionYes
Excel Output Sheet Name CorrectionYes
Data Source FeatureYes
UI Automation Support (WinAppDriver Compatibility)Yes

Differences in Service Editions

Commercial Use⚪︎⚪︎⚪︎
Limit on Number of Development DevicesUnlimitedUp to 5 devices6 or more devices
Technical Support1 month3 months

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